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My name is Aron Henriksson and I’m a researcher at the Department of Computer and System Sciences, Stockholm University. I’m working in the Clinical Text Mining Group, which primarily conducts research in the field of language technology/natural language processing in the medical domain (electronic health records). I’m a member of the DADEL projectHigh-Performance Data Mining for Drug Effect Detection — where my main contribution is in text mining of clinical and other unstructured data. My research is advised by professor Hercules Dalianis and Dr. Martin Duneld. I’m also involved in a few courses and supervise Bachelor and Master theses.

My background is in computer science, having acquired a Bachelor’s degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia (2004-2007) and a Master’s degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Engineering and Management of Information Systems (2008-2010). During and in between degrees, I have worked mainly as a Software Engineer, particularly with web development.

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